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Thursday, November 20, 2014

25 Things About Me

In US Weekly and those other tabloids, they always have those lists from famous people about "25 things you don't know about me." Usually it's just random facts or stuff the person likes or doesn't like. 

Well you know what? US Weekly didn't ask for my 25 things, so I can only assume I was overlooked for those other super famous people. So I'll ask myself! Clearly, I am rad. Obviously, I'm right on the edge of being internet-famous. And duh, people NEED TO KNOW.

Anyway, because I talk a lot, many people already know many of these facts, but I'm doing it anyway because not everyone knows everything and that is SUPER IMPORTANT.

So, here we are.

1. I have little to no patience. For MOST things. I hate waiting in line, or for food, or for answers to questions. BUT, I have all the patience in the world for reading books, doing puzzles, writing songs, outlining yet another random idea, or rolling coins into those tiny paper sleeves.

2. I used to sing competitively.

3. I did 4 years of jazz, tap, ballet, and modern dance when I was little. This was before little league, but after starting violin. None of the dance classes helped my coordination level as an adult.

4. I’m a big ol’ baseball fan. Go Yankees and Marlins!!

5. I didn’t really get into football until college, and that was mostly because everyone in the entire town got all excited about game days and it kind of draws you in!

6. I am a science nerd. I have an Anthropology degree, and am also extremely interested in astronomy.

7. My best friend and I have been BFF's for literally over half our lives. Despite living 2000 miles apart, we are always there for each other.

8. I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years. He is awesome and I like his face quite a bit.
BF and I in Wellington, NZ in 2014.
9. I sing when I'm bored, or nervous, or if I have something stuck in my head. Not at full volume, but really quietly, kind of to myself. I don't even always notice that I'm doing it until someone pokes me and tells me to quit it.

10. I cannot whistle properly. I can only whistle by sucking air in through pursed lips, not blowing air out.

11. I WISH I could do that extremely irritating sports-and-cabs-two-fingers whistle. I've spent a surprising amount of time attempting and failing at this.

12. I haven't broken a bone since 1997, but before that, I'd broken like 6. I was and am a clumsy person. Though I haven't broken anything as an adult, I have managed to dislocated my right elbow, tear a tendon in my right knee, and have constant nicks and scratches from accidentally swinging an arm or hand into a wall or doorjamb.

13. I am slowly but surely convincing my boyfriend that he really super wants to get a kitty.

14. My dad is a nomadic doctor, and it's really rad to get to visit him in cool places. This year, we went to New Zealand!

15. Though I've lived in NYC almost 5 years, winter continues to surprise, irritate, and disgruntle me.
Pouting because it's so cold.
16. I sleep best in what I call my crypt: dark, silent and cold. 

17. I HATE being cold when I'm awake.

18. I have gone skydiving and to Israel with one of my best friends: my first cousin Jamie! Both were unforgettable experiences that I'm so glad I got to share with my partner in crime.
Western Wall in Israel.
19. I love animals. I have contributed more to animal charities this year than to human ones, including adopting a penguin and donating to baby polar bears.

20. I graduated college with a Bachelor's at 20 years old. I actually got a lot of flack for my age at my first job out of college. I was constantly getting those disappointed "...oh." looks when people heard how old I was. It felt very unfair.
My best friend's favorite pic of me from graduation. I'M SO MATURE.
21. I am super confident in who I am, what I look like, and my abilities, and I try really hard to spread the message about positivity and confidence to other people, especially women. I cannot stress how important confidence is in every aspect of your life!

22. I took piano lessons for awhile as a kid. My brother is decent at piano, and my mom is good. I wish now that I'd stuck with piano and gotten better.

23. My brother plays drums, piano and can carry a tune, my mom can sing beautifully and play piano, and I sing and (could when I was young) play violin, and a few chords on a guitar. We were a very musical family, and I loved that so much. We sang together on road trips and goofed around on the piano a lot.

24. Becoming an aunt to 3 little ones is the single most rewarding and satisfying thing in my entire life. I'm very involved in those kid's lives and I couldn't love them more if they were my own. And their parents are pretty amazing!

25. I have written songs and poetry my entire life. I write a lot of real lyrics, and a good amount of joking/funny ones. I've even recorded a couple of songs with a music producer to see it all come together! My songs are often written from a place of imagination, and sometimes from real things/feelings.

Recently, I wrote an Ode to Hummus to make my friend at work laugh (we really love hummus):

Hummus is a delightful food
Always smooth and never rude.
It fills my belly, so satisfying
Hummus would never leave me crying.

Hummus can be many flavors
And all are good to sit and savor.
If you do not at all agree,
We cannot be friends, you and me.

You are disgusting and vile and wrong
And you have no part in my life’s song.
Hummus is a beautiful thing
Yet another reason to sing.

Hummus can really take you places!
A sea of carrot and broccoli faces
For dipping, and holds up to the challenge
Of savory spices and such lovely balance.

So take a pause in your day
To give thanks and to get down and pray
For more hummus! More hummus!
More hummus among us!