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Friday, June 24, 2011

I Have The Most Random Thoughts

Seriously, I have some of the most random ideas and thoughts. I have no idea where they came from. I know I think they’re funny, and I know that my friends who have known me forever actually have come to expect that sort of stuff from me. Or maybe it’s simply that I have always said whatever popped into my head (I don’t really have a filter…I say what I’m thinking) and they are all used to it. My best friend Emily thinks it’s hilarious. We’ll just be sitting around, enjoying some Florida sunshine, and I’ll look at her out of the blue and say something like “You know what would be fun? Wheelchair races with no brakes. And the referees could be in Radio Flyer wagons.”
And she doesn’t even blink. She and our other 2 best friends, Mike and Chris, will actually take a second and think about it, and respond like it’s perfectly normal. Which, for them, it actually is. Honestly, they are great people to tell my weird ideas to, because they will come up with helpful suggestions and questions. I can actually see Mike in my head right now asking, very seriously, “How would the refs push themselves in the wagons?” Or Chris with a logical reaction of “Would we be pushing ourselves or being pushed?” 
The boyfriend is the same. The randomness doesn’t faze him at all. He seems to get a kick out of it, and I love his rational responses to my random thoughts. “Hey, we should go skip somewhere.” “Hmm, Jyss…not really in a skipping mood right now, but maybe later...or you can skip, and I’ll watch.”
Welcome to my world.
And the randomness never ends! Sometimes it goes away for a time, like hibernation in my mind, and sometimes it bubbles out. Perfect example! Here are my last 2 Facebook status updates, one posted yesterday afternoon and the other this morning. No joke, these are the kinds of things I think about.

Posted on 6/23/2011 at 1:30 pm:
It's weird to think that someday there will be a whole generation of 80 year old who know all the words to the Fresh Prince rap theme. When im in my 80s, im going to organize a large choir full of other old people and we're going to sing acapella versions of 90s tv show theme songs. WHO’S IN??”

Posted on 6/24/2011 at around 9 am:
“You can tell what she was REALLY saying was "(Are you KIDDING ME?) It's wingardium levi-OH-sa, not levi-oh-SAAAAA. (You redhaired soulless moron. How did you even dress yourself this morning? Geez!) Swish and FLICK."

Inexplicably, I literally could not stop thinking about this last night as I was falling asleep. You're welcome, world.

Of course, that last one references Harry Potter. Another weird thought I am having right now also involves Harry Potter. Specifically, Hermione. I literally just thought to myself: “Even though I don’t believe in Jesus, the water-into-wine trick is pretty sweet. I wish I could do water-into-champagne. I wonder if Jesus could choose. Hmm…I bet wizards could do it. Even if HP didn’t know how, I betcha Hermione could figure it out. She’s a smart one, always reading. Man, I love to read.”
I am not making that up, that is exactly how I thought of it. I tend to write the same way I’d think or speak something.
Oh yeah, and like 10 friends all commented on my old-people-acapella-choir idea. The comments ranged from “I AM SO IN!” to “Only you would think of this…”
I love my friends. I am a lucky duck.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Ode To Sleep (written at 8am)

Oh, Sleep.
How I love the way your gentle
Hands guide me to unconsciousness.
You never strike like lightning
But tenderly waft me towards the
Other side of waking.
Sometimes you provide me
With incredibly detailed
Live-action dreams,
Others, a simple blank
Screen to stare at in darkness.

Sometimes you evade me,
And that makes me super-mad.
And those times, I always vow revenge
On your stupid face for not
Allowing me the pleasure of
Sleeping. And leaving me
Tired in the morning for work.
Then I drink some coffee, and
Longingly recall being
Wrapped like a burrito,
Comfy in bed, near to you.

Oh, Sleep!
I love you in so many ways!
At different times of day (and night).
It feels like only a moment
Between closing my eyes and
Hearing my dumb buzzing alarm,
Telling me to get up. I am
Happy my alarm clock is
I love you much more than it, times 20 billion.

I will see you again, tonight,
Sleep, and embrace you
Like a long-lost friend.
And if you try to stay away from me,
I will facebook-stalk you and hunt
You down and then you will be mine again.
Because that's just how much you mean to me.
I love you so much, Sleep.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Biggest Differences Between NYC and Suburbia (in list form)

-Laundry is harder. It requires traveling. And quarters. Quarters are round, shiny things that are like money, but harder to find and collect. Unless you DO NOT want change, in which case, they procreate like bunnies when you aren’t looking.
-You grocery shop more. You only buy what you can carry home for a few blocks. Even minimal groceries become annoyingly heavy in a few blocks. I buy a lot of cheese. I try not to buy heavy things. Like milk. Screw you, heavy liquids!
-Some stores and shops only accept cash. This was a new and scary concept for me. I rarely carry cash, so I stand there like an idiot, waving around a debit card like “Pretty please? Let me use my magical unicorn money-card? I promise I’ll be good. I just NEED SOCKSSSS!”
-Lots better food options. Want cheap but delicious thin crust pizza? There are 5 different places within 3 blocks of my apartment. Multiply that by 3 for deli sandwiches, NOT including Subway or fast food. Never want to eat at a chain restaurant again? Easy. This isn’t even including all those famous expensive fine-dining restaurants I’ve never been to.
-You don’t need a car here. That means I no longer pay car insurance, car payments, gas, my annual speeding ticket (lead-foot over here), oil changes and maintenance costs, AAA membership fees, or for car washes. No one asks me to help them move, pick them up from the airport, or drive their cousin’s mom’s boyfriend’s best friend back from jail. But, I do miss going 90 on the highway, radio up, windows down, with the wind blowing on a nice sunny day.
-On the flip side, there is public transportation. It’s got its good and bad qualities. During the day, there are trains every few minutes that go everywhere in the city. It’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s (mostly) clean. After midnight, the trains are fewer and more far between, but they’re still there. On the downside, if it’s snowing or raining, some of them are delayed or stop altogether. If someone is sick, they can be delayed or stop altogether. You are at the whim of the conductor and train schedules, and have no say over what time you actually get somewhere. I kind of like that. “I wasn’t late because I changed my shirt 17 times or stopped for a sandwich on the way, the TRAIN was delayed.” Perfect excuse. Every time. EVERYONE here knows how the trains are. EVERYONE has been delayed because some idiot didn’t take off his jacket and passed out momentarily from the heat. It happens, we accept the bad with the good. And the trains are super convenient.

I guess it’s kind of a toss up. There are conveniences you can’t deny, in both situations. There are a lot more neighborhood stores and restaurants in NYC because you are most likely walking everywhere. You get more room to spread out and more greenery and parks in suburbia. I’ve lived in both, and I’ve loved both. It just depends on what you want and where you want to be, I suppose. Right now, I am City Girl. :)

As I have a chat with myself this morning.

This is my first blog. I had a whiney, angst-y, teen-riddled LiveJournal in high school that I haven't touched for years. So, I suppose this is my second blog, but the first one as an adult. Thank goodness for less angst, and less teenage drama!

My name is Jyssica. It's pronounced like the normal "jessica," and no, I do not spell it like that to be different, that's actually how it is spelled. I love it. I love that it's different and yet the same. It is unique and interesting and a bit strange, and I find it is a good reflection of who I am.

I find myself suddenly an adult. I'm not altogether sure how it happened. Maybe when I turned 25 last week? When I moved to NYC alone a year ago? When I got my first job out of college? No, certainly not then! No matter how it happened, I find it has. I'm self-sufficient, I'm living in a city far from my family, I have a life, I am in love. Weird!

I talk to myself. I have full conversations with myself in my head and out loud. I debate reasons for doing something, or argue about the logic of things, or talk myself into doing something I didn't feel like doing but knew that I "should" do (and the negative side of being an adult shines through...), and I reason things out for myself.

And sometimes, just to mess with people, I'll pretend to have an arguement with another personality. Try it, it is really, really fun and is 100% effective, if you're trying to get people to either leave you alone, or think you're weird.

I have a great, big, loving, supportive family, the best friends in the world, a guy who wants me just the way I am, and I am living in the best city in the world. I love my life. How could I not? That's not to say there aren't bumps in the road...