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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ode to Best Friend

If only I knew
Who was making you blue
I’d go and beat ‘em up every time.

I’d drive for miles
Just to make you smile,
And knowing you, you’d be along for the ride.

We fly 2000 miles,
Just to be near
When we need each other the most.

Boys came and went
And the two best stayed
Look at these beautiful lives we’ve made.

Sometimes we cry,
Most times we laugh
All feelings are up for debate.
It’s what best friends do.

We still buy those
Half heart necklaces, charms, and gifts.
We’ll always cheer
The other one on.

You hate who I hate,
No questions asked.
You tell me I look great
Even when I’m sick.
It’s what best friends do.

I'll always be your courage
When you need help
You'll always be my spine
When I might back down.

You make me stronger,
Knowing you makes me more.
I don’t know where I’d be now
Without you in my life.

Family is what we make it,
The family we choose.
I’ve been given a sister for life
By knowing you.