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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Year of Weddings!

Some people were born in the year of the dragon or the tiger or the year of rain or the year of “hey, remember that one time?”


Before 2015, I’ve really only had 1 close friend (my very BEST friend in the whole world and I was maid of honor and it was amazing) get married, and that was in 2010.

Other than that, there were family weddings now and then. I was a flower girl a few times as a little kid, and I was a damn princess in my fluffy dresses. I was a bridesmaid when I was 16 in my big brother’s wedding (a story for another time…but I had a fender bender on the way to his wedding. I’d had my license for 3 weeks), and I was a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding 2 years ago. I’ve attended a couple family weddings over the years that I wasn’t in. I love weddings! But really, I’ve only attended a few as an adult.


Last February, the first of my fiancé’s friends got engaged. 6 months later, another one got engaged, and a few months after that, Fiancé and I got engaged. At the same time, there was one couple who had been engaged for 6 years that decided it was time to be officially married!

Then launched the year of weddings. In July 2015, the first pair got married. Fiance was a groomsman, the food was amaaaaaazing, the venue was beautiful, and the bride looked like a beautiful fluffy white princess. In October, I attended my very first gay wedding and it was so fun! The ceremony was so touching, the music was mostly 90s and early 2000s and the crowd was dancing and hyped up.

Next is in November in Boston, a pair of close friends as well. Fiance is a groomsman again, and the couple is getting married in this really rad theater, and I am so excited!

And lastly is us. We’re the last ones in the wedding year, and we’re making everyone we know fly to another state to celebrate. Luckily, we’re asking many northerners to come south during deep winter, and so far the response has been very positive! Lots of family members have said they’re going to make it a vacation and see DisneyWorld and Universal and hang out in the Florida “winter,” which will be in the 60s…..cold for Floridians, practically summer for New Yorkers!


I love weddings. I love food, and dancing and parties and cake and my friends. Seriously, weddings are so much fun. And Fiance is great at weddings. I love to tease him and say that “Wedding Fiance is fun Fiancé!” He just has such a great time dancing with me and our friends to music we haven’t heard in years. He really just seems to love the party vibe.

It’s been really cool sharing this wedding process with these friends. July’s wedding was super traditional and elegant, October’s was more relaxed and casual, November’s is going to be a mix of traditional and casual, and mine will also be a mix but leaning towards a bit more formal. I’ve had a really good time hanging out with the other brides/grooms and talking about planning and our challenges and wins. It feels like we’re supporting each other. I can text the girls and ask about how they chose their photographer or what they’re doing for such-and-such.

My BFF has also been an incredible resource! She planned her own wedding on her own, and she knows a ton of people in the area we’re getting married. We’re using the same photographer she did!

My sister is an Event Planner and has planned a bajillion weddings and has been giving me tons of advice and showing me how to do stuff. She’s even offered to be a day-of coordinator!

It’s just all coming together. This wedding planning hasn’t been super stressful, and I’m just so lucky to have such supportive friends and family who are always happy to talk, hash things out, and give advice. This, the year of weddings, shall be remembered.

…and it will be easy to remember our friend’s anniversaries!

Friday, October 2, 2015

I Live Tweeted a Lady Preacher on the Train This Morning

So of course I just wrote a post about the dynamics of trains in NYC on Wednesday of this week. And this morning, I was auditorily assaulted by the preaching of an incredibly dedicated and oblivious train preacher. She started out at a soft-ish volume. It got increasingly louder. Here is what I tweeted/facebooked (direct copy/paste, edited for spelling/grammar) during my 35 minute morning commute.

7:38 am: 
Lady preacher on the train right now. She's claiming that jesus gave the world language. Maybe she is ignoring the written records prior to the bible....or even the old testament itself?
Know what I don't need at 730 am? More jesus.

7:41 am:
She’s also apparently a genealogist. Telling the masses that John the Baptist and Jesus are first cousins and John is 6 months older. Wonder if they competed like normal cousins? "My following is bigger than your following!" "Yeah well you don’t have a dad!" "I do too! He’s just not here; he’s off doing important god things!"

7:43 am:
Uh oh. We're up to the lecture about only calling on jesus/god when we are sick or need help and not just a regular "hey mom, love you, no I don’t need money but thanks" call.

7:47 am:
....something about jesus having a wall?

7:48 am:
When discussing how jesus created all language, she said, and I quote "we are all his chillens."

Some people on the train are rebelling. Everyone has been quietly ignoring her, and she's steadily getting louder, up on her soapbox. Several train passengers have asked her to shut up. She has not taken that particular hint. She's giving us a common enemy...never a good thing unless you are ok with mutiny.

7:54 am:
Not a fan of called "my dear brothers and sisters" from someone yelling on a train.

8:01 am:
Update: she’s up to 35 minutes. No sign of vocal cords breaking down.

8:03 am :
Oooh a very loud soliloquy about judgement day. Lady, you're late! Yom Kippur was last week! I was judged, I’m good for another year!

8: 04 am:
Started at Newkirk Plaza in Brooklyn, ended at 34th/Herald in the city. Did not get to nap on the train this morning.

8:05 am:
New Yorkers on a train came together and breathed an audible sigh of relief when she got off. One muttered "I hate people!" Oh wait, that might have been me.

8:05 am:
Don't you just love it when people come together against a common enemy?

8:06 am:
It's over. Back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Artist rendering of someone who thinks it's okay in civilized society to get up and start telling a crowd full of groggy people on a Friday that they need to believe in this one specific thing or they are all going to H-E-double hockey sticks.
It was at this point that my journey ended and I got off the train, got a large Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and meandered into work. 
Like this, but bigger and MINE, ALL MINE.